CREG is the Belgian Federal Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation. It is an autonomous organisation granted with legal personality, set up by the Electricity and Gas Laws.

CREG acts completely independently from governments, the energy industry and other stakeholders in accordance with European Union Law. CREG is nevertheless accountable to Parliament, where it presents its annual General Policy Note and budget proposal.


CREG carries out the tasks according to the Electricity and Gas Laws. In this framework, CREG works at both facilitating and controlling the well-functioning of the markets. While protecting the interests of consumers, it advises public authorities on the organisation and functioning of electricity and gas markets. CREG ensures by its regulation the well-functioning of wholesale and retail markets, as well as the development of electricity and natural gas networks and infrastructure. It also monitors transactions on the energy markets. When needed, CREG enforces its decisions according to applicable Laws.

Moreover, in its tasks, CREG cooperates with other competent authorities, such as the Administration for Energy, Belgian Competition Authority and Financial Services and Markets Authority.

CREG strongly works at informing all consumers - vulnerable, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as industrial consumers - and provides them with accurate tools in order to increase their empowerment.

Work at European level

CREG participates in building the European Energy Internal Market that aims to bring affordable and secure energy supplies to all consumers. CREG is a member of the Agency for the Cooperation of European Regulators (ACER) that fosters cooperation among European energy regulators and ensures market integration and harmonisation of regulatory frameworks. CREG is also an active member of the Council of the European Energy Regulators (CEER), a non-profit European association that brings together all independent national regulatory authorities from EU Member States and from countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).


The Board of Directors  consists of the President of the Board of Directors of CREG and of three Directors of each Directorate. The Board deals notably with the operational management of CREG. Each Directorate as well as the Presidency has its own staff and dedicated tasks.

Currently, Koen Locquet is Acting President of the Board of Directors of CREG. Andreas Tirez is Director of the Technical Operation on Electricity and Gas Market Directorate. Koen Locquet is Director of the Administrative Directorate. Laurent Jacquet is Director of the Prices and Accounts Control on the Electricity and Gas Markets Directorate.