With regard to our publications, our work is traditionally published in French and Dutch compliant to our linguistic rules. The complete list of our works are published on the Dutch and French websites under the “Publications” tab.

Besides, some papers are either directly published in English or get translated into English. On this page, you may find the list of currently available papers.


Study (F)160324-CDC-1520 : Study on the price spikes observed on the Belgian dayahead spot exchange Belpex on 22 September and 16 October 2015

Date: 03 / 2016

Study (F)160122-CDC-1459 : Study on the measures that have to be implemented to facilitate the access to the demand side response in Belgium - INTERMEDIATE REPORT - Executive summary

Date: 01 / 2016

Annual report 2014

Date: 2015

Study (F)150604-CDC-1422 : Study on the measures to be taken in order to ensure an adequate volume of conventional production means to assure Belgium's electricity security of supply - Executive Summary

Date: 06 / 2015

Study F20150428 : A European comparison of electricity and gas prices for large industrial consumers

Date: 04 / 2015

Study (F)140430-CDC-1319 : Study summary of the "Operation and price evolution on the Belgian wholesale electricity market - 2013 Monitoring Report"

Date: 04 / 2014

Report (Z)140327-CDC-1318 : Report on monitoring possible market-disrupting effects within the scope of the safety net mechanism by way of article 20bis, §§1 to 5 of the electricity act and article 15/10bis, §§1 to 5 of the gas act

Date: 03 / 2014

Study (F)140130-CDC-1289 : Study on the governance of power exchanges: competition or regulation ?

Date: 01 / 2014

Study (F)121011-CDC-1182-EN : Study on capacity remuneration mechanisms

Date: 10 / 2012

Study (F)111208-CDC-1129-EN : Study on the relationship between the physical and commercial interconnection capacity at the Belgian electricity borders

Date: 12 / 2011

Study (F)110915-CDC-1099EN : Study on the price spike on Belpex DAM for 28 March 2011

Date: 09 / 2011

Study (F)110224-CDC-1037-UK : Study on the comparison of natural gas prices for a household consuming 23,260 kWh of natural gas in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and London

Date: 02 / 2011

Study (F)110127-CDC-1035-ENG : Study on the development of a new model for gas transmission

Date: 01 / 2011

Study (F)101007-CDC-995-ENG : Study of the comparison of electricity prices for a household consuming 3,500 kWh grey electricity (single tariff) in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and London

Date: 10 / 2010

Study (F)080828-CDC-810-UK : Study carried out at the request of the CREG and relating to the general design of electricity market mechanisms close to real time

Date: 08 / 2008

Study (F)080515-CREG-765-UK : Monitoring of the Import Capacity for Natural Gas 2008

Date: 05 / 2008

Study (F)080515-CDC-766-UK : Survey to complement survey (F)060309-CDC-537 on the impact of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme on Belgian electricity prices from 2005 to 2007

Date: 05 / 2008

Memorandum of understanding : co-operation agreement between the energy regulators of the North West Region of the gas regional initiatives (NW GRI)

Date: 10 / 2007

Memorandum of understanding of the pentalateral energy forum on market coupling and security of supply in Central Western Europe

Date: 06 / 2007

Study (F)060719-CREG-554-UK : Study on the measures needed to improve the functioning and the liquidity of the Zeebrugge hub

Date: 07 / 2006

Memorandum of understanding for the establishment of the council of european energy regulators

Date: 03 / 2000